N I G E L    M A R S H    P H O T O G R A P H Y

U  N  D  E  R  W  A  T  E  R      I  M  A  G  E  S     A  N  D     A  R  T  I  C  L  E  S

Nigel Marsh is an Australian underwater photographer and photojournalist whose work has been published in numerous magazines, newspapers and books, both in Australia and overseas. Nigel has dived extensively around Australia, especially the Great Barrier Reef and Coral Sea, and also throughout Asia and the Pacific. His underwater photographs have won a number of photographic competitions.


Nigel’s passion for diving and the marine environment evolved from an early age while snorkelling the beaches off his hometown of Sydney, Australia. Three trips to the Great Barrier Reef as a teenager sealed his love for the marine world.


Wishing to capture the beauty of the underwater world, Nigel, then fifteen, purchased his first underwater camera in 1980. Learning to scuba dive in 1983 served to increase his interest in marine life. Diving allowed Nigel more time to study and photograph the marine life off Sydney. Nigel was soon sharing his experiences with others, presenting slide shows and writing articles for dive magazines, his first article published in 1983.


In 1988, after writing numerous articles about dive sites in New South Wales, Nigel was appointed the New South Wales correspondent for a new monthly diving newspaper, Dive Log. For two years Nigel wrote articles on dive sites, dive shops, dive boats, dive equipment and general industry news until he moved to Brisbane in 1990.


Moving to Brisbane gave Nigel the opportunity to work with Neville Coleman, the editor and publisher of Underwater Geographic magazine. From 1990 until the magazine folded in 1995, Nigel wrote articles on dive sites, travel, marine life, diving equipment and book reviews. He also assisted in editing and laying out each issue.


Working closely with Neville Coleman gave Nigel the chance to co-author two diving guidebooks, Dive Sites of the Great Barrier Reef and the Coral Sea (New Holland 1996) and Diving Australia (Periplus Editions 1997). A long time fascination with sharks saw Nigel spend two years researching and writing a book about the critically endangered grey nurse shark, which has yet to be published. In recent years Nigel has been working closely with New Holland Publishers to produce a range of dive guides and books on marine subjects for children.


Since the demise of Underwater Geographic magazine, Nigel continues to produce freelance articles for Dive Log, Sportdiving, Dive Pacific, Ezdive, Diver, Niugini Blue, Asian Diver and Shark Diver and a number of other publications with his wife and partner Helen Rose.


Nigel photographs are represented by the photographic library Seapics, which has seen his photos appearing in hundreds of books, magazines, posters and brochures.

Helen Rose has been diving since 1989. Her earliest memory of the ocean is when she first learnt to snorkel with her father on the Great Barrier Reef at the age of eight.  “I remember distinctly how afraid I was of the anemone tentacles bushing against my bare belly, but I also remember how fascinated I was with the marine world”.


Helen spent many weekends diving around North Stradbroke Island and Moreton Bay, off Brisbane.  It was on North Stradbroke Island that she was first introduced to her future husband Nigel Marsh in 1991.  “Nigel was looking for a dive model and I agreed to give it a try”.


A number of years on, photos of Helen have appeared on several dive magazine covers and in numerous dive articles written by Nigel.  “I enjoy dive modeling, it provides a great challenge to get in the best position for the perfect shot, against currents, swell, cold water, bad visibility and of course the challenges of not scaring your subject away!” However, Helen is also a talented underwater photographer in her own right, and works with Nigel to produce diving articles on most of the destinations they visit.


Helen’s love of the underwater environment has taken her to many wonderful places, including Indonesia, Timor Leste, Malaysia, India, Philippines, Vanuatu, Thailand, Fiji, New Zealand, Maldives, Egypt, Bahamas, Western Australia, South Australia, Tasmania, the Great Barrier Reef and many sites around Queensland and New South Wales.


“The magic of the underwater environment makes you feel alive, I have had many wonderful experiences diving and traveling and look forward to enjoying many more with my husband, dive buddy and best friend”.


Nigel and Helen married in 2001 and live in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

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